Nominations 2019

My 1st Documentary Swedish

Nu finns Jag igen

The American Dream

Swedish Feature Film

The Duckpond

Deserve better

Swedish Short Film

The last human

How does it feel to live?

My brother

Swedish Feature Documentary

The Doctor Who Refused to Give Up

Lemming – The Little Giant of the North

The White Reindeer

Swedish Short Documentary

Criteria of Rape

Nu Finns Jag Igen

The American Dream

Best Swedish Female Actor

Klara Bolmgren

Have You Seen Her?

Margareta Pettersson

Alma 2

Nora Malm

How does it feel to live?

Kelly Ernstzen

The Rain Make

Best Swedish Male Actor

Kristoffer Pettersson

The Duckpond

Danilo Bejarano

The last human

Kaj Snijder

How does it feel to live?

My 1st Short Film!

Sela (Drink)

The Rain Maker


Stockholm Noir

My 1st Feature Film


Paradise Hotel

The Duckpond

My 1st Documentary

On the Roof

Rios Patagonicos

Thank you for supporting the arts

Feature Film International 

Sunshine Moon

Daughters of winter


International Feature Documentary

Thank You for Supporting the Arts

The Second Life of Jamie P

Tears & Dreams

A second life

International Short Documentary


One hundred years running

Mountain, Priest, Son

Short Film International 




Deja Vu


Sac de Merde

Best Female Actor

Sahar Khodadadeh / Trauma

Arielle Haller-Silverstone / Sac de Merde

Mahtab Servati / Daughters of winter

Best Male Actor

Asonge Sitshabane / Sela (Drink)

Baldwin William / Talk

Arshia zeinali / In Perspective

Nominations (National) 
Nominations (International)